Edwardian Gardens (Etobicoke) provides landscaping and gardening services including:

  • garden consultation services for the do-it-yourself gardener. Get a Personal Property Assessment – save hundreds of dollars down the road by knowing how to properly select Nursery stock and plant themBlackEyedSusan
  • Alternative lawn solutions, chemical free lawn treatments, environmentally friendly cures for ailing lawns. Eco-turfs, clovers, use of rocks and mulch
  • pruning
  • weeding and transplanting
  • soil enrichment, sod repairs, grading and edging
  • shopping including selection and delivery of nursery stock
  • sod repairs and grading
  • delivery and planting of shrubs and small trees
  • perenial flower beds
  • roof-top gardens – raised planters
  • dry flagstone paths and landings